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Homelessness issues in Santa Rosa have had a large impact on me these last few years and after getting tired of hearing myself complain about it, I started to investigate the issues surrounding homelessness. First, I began talking to the people that were encamped across the street from my business office and along the Joe Rodota trail. After many conversations with homeless individuals what I learned was eye-opening. I knew then I had to step up. This was my call to action.

I want to help residents and property owners reclaim their rights and help stop the infringements homeless encampments often bring while also helping individuals who want to get off the street do so. I want everyone who chooses to improve their life to have a safe place where they can get the help they need for their future success. This would not only benefit their lives, but our society as a whole. All voices should be heard. I hope by serving on the City Council, I might be able to bring about positive changes for all parties involved.

Empathy with enforcement is my motto. No person or group is above laws or city ordinances. There has been Millions spent on homelessness related services county-wide since 2015. Total unsheltered homeless in 2015 was about 2000. Millions, and five years later, it’s still about 2000 unsheltered homeless.

My response to homelessness is based upon the acronym "E.A.R.N." which I came up with after many discussions with homeless individuals, and upon reviewing the city’s response and funding research.

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I am absolutely for building new housing, so city services must be available to service new infrastructure. We need to make sure with new housing comes proper resource support from the City as well as bigger roads, and more fire and police coverage. 

I feel the city should have conversations with developers to discuss providing housing of all sizes to accommodate people in all stages of life and with different budgetary restrictions. Easing permit costs for ADU’s, easing impact fees, working with the permit office to expedite and continue to ease the cost of building are ways to make housing more affordable. District 7 has some areas that could work for new housing if zoning restrictions could be relaxed a bit. Allowing for more units to be constructed while working with builders to provide affordable housing at the same time within those units would help. Let’s figure this out and streamline an efficient pipeline for these processes while at the same time making them more affordable.

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Eric Christensen for Santa Rosa City Council

Santa Rosa City Council needs a business leader on the council that has a sense of budget management. Taxpayers deserve that. As a business owner I know what it's like to have the stress of a payroll and a sense of ownership to a budget. Understanding where all money is spent and how it benefits the company or my employees is what I do every day. I want to serve the taxpayers and my community for the betterment of all.

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With the advent of additional fires, school closures, business closures, and other fallout due to the world-wide pandemic, our City's residents and businesses are suffering. It's time for the City to determine how it can play a role in helping people feel supported.

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I am so grateful to our Santa Rosa First Responders who every day put their own lives on the line to help protect and save ours. 

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Eric Christensen for Santa Rosa City Council

Looking solely at District 7

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