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I’ve heard stories about the City of Santa Rosa’s permit issues. Residents have often found it difficult to attain costly and labor-intensive permits and complain about delayed inspections. We need to continue working toward helping residents and businesses thrive within Santa Rosa. Building within the city will help expand housing and jobs. We should encourage and help those who desire Granny Units and Additional Attached Housing upgrades as this offers additional housing options. District 7 may actually be in a good position to blend some commercial and residential zones to allow for more up-zoning of residential housing. Corporate Center Parkway, for example, has open space that could support a live/work component.

Build higher density multifamily housing with developers allocating some lower-income units or allowing them to make an in-lieu payment to the city’s housing activities that promotes housing affordability elsewhere. Not a housing project but an allocation of some lower-income homes within a bigger project.

Let's re-examine housing impact fees to determine how we can arrange these fees to allow for less expensive building practices.

Allow single-family homes on smaller size lots, which creates opportunities to subdivide existing large lots to build additional housing units and provide city resources to make sure what we build is manageable by current City support services including roads, Police and Fire. Affordable housing for all pay scales is an important issue. We need diversity in our communities, but let’s do so with class and style. Let’s keep the heart of the neighborhoods the same.

Implement Floor Area Ratio building to facilitate home production for a wide range of options for people of all incomes.

Paid for By Eric Christensen for Santa Rosa City Council 2020 - FPPC # 1430326
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