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Between two, now three major fires, and a world-wide pandemic, City residents and businesses have been hit hard. In the middle of this madness, Santa Rosa has also received a settlement from PG&E for 90+ Millions Dollars. Since this money was paid by PG&E for damage caused to the City of Santa Rosa, shouldn't we use this money to rebuild the City of Santa Rosa?

How about rebuilding areas damaged by the fire that still need rebuilding. Roads and other infrastructure need to be recovered. Let's also consider using some of this money to help residents and businesses hit hardest by the recent pandemic. Low to no interest rate loans to residents and businesses to get themselves back on track would be a boom to our City's recovery. The original cause for this money was because of the damage and destruction caused by devastating fires, how about we use that same money to help rebuild residents and businesses so that people can right themselves and get back on track again.

Paid for By Eric Christensen for Santa Rosa City Council 2020 - FPPC # 1430326
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