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Sales taxes always hurt the poorest in the community. So at face value, I'm against all sales taxes and don’t feel the city should be reliant on it. From a budgeting viewpoint, not a solid foundation to make concrete financial commitments on.

Of course there’s a matching element in these measures from the Federal/State Governments that does have some influence on me. For instance, if the City of Santa Rosa needs 20M to fix an intersection and they are told if they can come up with half that cost, the FED or STATE will MATCH the funds. Our City uses these measures to create an influx of cash that allows them to go after these MATCHING projects that they would otherwise not be able to afford. A real-world example is the HW101 widening. I am told that without Measure Q we would only be about 25% done compared to where are today based on fund-matching. Whether our campaign will come out in support or not still remains to be seen as we continue to gather more information.

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